Steps taken to prevent future road destruction

Steps taken to prevent future road destruction

STERLING, OK (KSWO) - More than 2,600 tons of rock are now being used on a problematic road near Sterling that washes out every time it floods.

Crews worked for the past two weeks stacking the rocks along the creek bank two miles East of State Highway 65 on Spencer Road, where the road is routinely washed out by the creek flooding. The rocks being put in won't completely stop the flooding, but will prevent any significant damage to the road when the flooding occurs. Comanche County Commissioner Gail Turner says fixing this road was extremely important for travelers in the area.

"These roadways with flooding, if they keep getting eaten away there will be no road," Turner said. "This road got very narrow and very unsafe to drive down when you meet somewhere in these areas. The thing about it is you don't see it when you're driving sometimes because those situations might be 10 or 15 foot straight down so if you get over a little too far you might be upside down in the creek."

As a whole, the project cost about $175,000 but didn't cost the county a dime. It was paid for using federal money given after the 2015 flood by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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