Trailer theft common, difficult crime to solve

Trailer theft common, difficult crime to solve
(Source Affordable Plumbing, Heating and Air)
(Source Affordable Plumbing, Heating and Air)
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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Lawton Police continue their investigation into this week's theft of a trailer from a local business, but admit the crime is quite common, and very difficult to solve. We reported on Wednesday that a thief had snatched a trailer valued at nearly $5,000 from a plumbing shop, and part of the crime was captured on surveillance video. It only took the burglars a matter of minutes to pull off the heist. Police say thieves looking to make some quick cash look for trailers they can haul away like this one, and it happens at least once a month in Lawton.

Affordable Plumbing, Heating and Air co-owner Josh Walker says he couldn't believe his trailer was hauled away, and all it took was a pair bolt cutter to leave the trailer vulnerable to the thieves.

"We needed that trailer that day," said Walker. "Now we're behind on some stuff because we need that trailer."

Lawton police are investigating the theft, but Lawton Police Public Information Officer Nancy Lombardo says even with Walker's surveillance video, the chance of getting the trailer back is slim.

"They are hard to recover because they aren't accounted for," said Lombardo. "They are not entered in any kind of system. So they can be hidden really quickly especially if they are taken out of the local community."

Lombardo says the most you can do if you own a trailer is secure it.

A local business that sells trailers, also gives advice on how to keep you trailer safe. An employee at Don Evans trailers says it is important to have a lock on the hitch, but also the tires because thieves can just as easily come up, take a chain, attach it to their truck and haul your trailer away.

Lombardo agrees, saying the harder you make it for the thieves to drive away with your property, it is more likely they will give up trying to steal it.

"We recommend wheel locks, and not just one, but two just in case they come up with a spare tire to replace it," said Lombardo. "They can do that really quick, too. But wheel locks, they are not going to drag that off."

Walker says with his replacement trailer; he will do more to keep it away from thieves.

"I mean it had a lock on it, what else do we do?" asked Walker. "I mean we can park it in the building, I guess. We're going to try a couple different kind of locks."

Lawton Police and Walker still are looking for that stolen trailer. It's a $4,700 dump trailer that was hauled away by an SUV around 2:30 a.m. on August 11th.

If you have any information, you're encouraged to call the Lawton Police at 580-581-3270.

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