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Ringling looking for fifth straight 10+ win season

RINGLING, OK (KSWO) - The Ringling Blue Devils compiled an undefeated season in 2015 heading into the Class A State Semifinals against Cashion. There, Ringling's dream season came to a screeching halt as the Wildcats rolled the Blue Devils 32-6.

We figured out that even though we made it almost unbeaten, you know, to the semifinals, you can still be beaten. Little mistakes are what killed us that game. You know, I believe we had the better team. They just showed up to play. We weren't ready, explains Chase Clinton, Ringling senior center.

Now, Ringling steps on the field looking for another deep playoff run in Steve Justus second year at the helm. Leading them will be a ten-man senior class. Beyond that, the team may have to go through some growing pains.

We don't have a lot of juniors this year. We have a lot of sophomores. 14 sophomores that's out, states Justus. You know, they're coming off of a great junior high campaign. We have some talented young kids that's getting mixed in and having to really step up for us this year. But from our...the run that we had last year, our kids are excited and we expect to see great things out of everyone.

Ricky Lewis started at quarterback for the squad in 2015, but dealt with some injury problems. That gave Dalton Swindler the opportunity to gain plenty of experience QB. Ringling hopes that experience will pay dividends this season now that Swindler becomes full-time starter.

Justus says,
Dalton is a good runner and also he throws the ball very well. But he really likes to run the football. So that's going to be an added dimension that we have an opportunity to use our quarterback as a runner. And whenever you do that, everybody has to defend 11 people on the field instead of just ten. So that makes it much harder.

He knows his stuff. We have faith in him. We have faith in him last year,
says Clinton. He took us to the semifinals, you know. We had a little stop on the way. But he's gotten better over the season. He's gotten bigger, faster, stronger. He doesn't have to learn all the plays now. He knows them.

Another key piece to depart is running back Trevor Richardson. Rather than looking to one individual to fill the roll, Justus will look to use a variety of backs to try and make the run game even more dynamic.

They're still all very talented running backs. Even though Trevor did great things for us, able to run downhill, Trevor was a great downhill runner for us, you know these guys we feel like will still have an opportunity to run downhill. But we've actually gotten faster. And so, I think it's really going to add a new dimension for us. You know, it brings in a couple other options for us on offense that we really didn't use and exploit last year, says Justus.

Ringling will open things up on September 1st against the Putnam City JV.

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