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New coach hopes to bring new life to Frederick

FREDERICK, OK (KSWO) - Two consecutive 1-9 years is the harsh reality of Frederick football. Such performances forced the school to bring in a new head coach.

Frederick native Brett Tyler was given control and he understands that 1-9 is inexcusable for the community of Frederick.

“I think that's what people will tell you. It's easy because you can't do any worse. But I know that's not how I think, and that's not how this community thinks,” states Tyler. “Being from here, born and raised here, this community thrives on winning football games. And so does our coaching staff the same way. We're not going to settle for anything but winning football games.”

“He's a great coach. Has a great charisma. We're joking around. I mean, it's serious when it needs to be serious. Trust me. It's just a different vibe this year,” says Ryan Ard, Frederick senior guard & defensive tackle.

The Bombers plan to stick with a Wing-T style of offense in 2016. Leading that offense is senior quarterback Cody Middick. But, Middick won't be the only one taking snaps in 2016. Coach Tyler has been impressed by the talent and performance of freshman QB Lane Chandler. He will also get a fair share of snaps in this offense.

Tyler states, “When somebody asks who's your starting quarterback, I never look at it that way. That's just like any other position. Kids can alternate and play. And we're going to try to play both those guys this year.”

Despite the two quarterback approach, Frederick will also look to a very talented backfield to carve opposing defense throughout the year.

“We have a very physical full back this year. He's a monster,” says Middick.  “And our two back is really quick again. And we'll be able to rotate our wing back in, who's really fast and strong too.”

Ard claims, “We have a fast backfield. It's crazy. It's so surprising how these guys have worked so hard and it's paid off. It's just fast. We're good, and we can get it.”

The largest turnaround for the Bombers needs to be on defense. The team gave up almost 45 points per game in 2015. Coming into the new year, the team feels they are on the right track to fixing their defensive lapses, led by a stout linebacking core.

“We've got some good linebackers, Jeremiah Adams, Alex Farrah, Ty Neugebauer, Dylan Sheffield. I think we've got a strength there in those line backers. And those guys have been good so far to this point in practice. We're excited about what they can do this year,” says Tyler.

“I think we have a lot more pop in us. We're a lot more aggressive and a lot faster. Last year, we were kind of slacking the whole year. We got down on ourselves, and it's really a lot of mindset. And I think we have that good mindset this year,” says Ard.

Frederick will kick-off the season in Week Zero at home versus Comanche.

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