Marine stops burglar until police arrive

Broken window (Source KSWO)
Broken window (Source KSWO)
James Bush (Source: Lawton Police Department)
James Bush (Source: Lawton Police Department)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A burglary gone bad in Lawton as a Marine tackled a man trying to break into his house.

James Bush was arrested Saturday after police said he punched out a window and tried to break into a home at 407 W. Gore Blvd. Residents discovered the man trying to run away and one of them, a Marine stationed at Fort Sill, chased him down and subdued him until police arrived.

Police said Bush seemed to be highly intoxicated when they arrived, tried to escape and had to be dragged into his cell at the city jail.

Bush was discovered after Dustin and Alexandra Hintz had several friends over Saturday night to watch the UFC fights. They said shortly after the fights had ended, they heard glass breaking in their home. They first checked upstairs, finding nothing and moving down into the basement where they saw broken glass from a window on the floor. When they looked through that window, they saw a foot trying to kick more glass inside.

The couple and their friends initially thought a cat may have knocked something over, but they soon realized it was something more.

"I went upstairs and got my shotgun, loaded it up and went downstairs and went to the backyard looking for somebody," Dustin Hintz said. "I didn't see or hear anybody and one of my friends came out to the front and said 'hey he's over here', so I ran through the house and saw that he wasn't going to be a threat so I dropped my shotgun."

Dustin Hintz is a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marines and said Bush jumped the fence and tried to get away, but he chased him down, tackled him, and put him into a choke hold.

"He was just trying to pull away from me and just seemed to be a little bit confused and he was just trying to physically get away and that just wasn't going to happen," Dustin said. "So I put him to sleep and he was a little bit more cooperative after that."

Dustin's wife Alexandra said when she saw Dustin take the burglar down, she knew being a Marine, he could handle himself. But she still sprang into action trying to help any way she could.

"I ran over to make sure he was OK, my husband was OK, and I saw blood and I didn't know whose blood it was," Alexandra said. "I didn't know who was bleeding and all the sudden I was just like 'oh my gosh, he's hurt I have to help him'."

The blood turned out to only be Bush's from punching the window and Alexandra said she is thrilled that is the only injury sustained from the incident.

"It was just a relief that it ended this way, this was probably the best scenario, aside from his breaking into our window," Alexandra said. "If he had just not done that it would have been the best, but obviously it ended this way that he was detained and taken to jail, that's the best it could have happened. Nobody got hurt so that's the best part."

Alexandra said even though Dustin quickly took down the burglar, he didn't have to hold him down long as police quickly arrived, with one officer actually running from the police station, which is right across the street from their home.

"They were there very quickly, they were very professional, very calming and let all of us feel very secure and that they had it under control and I mean I'm very grateful," Alexandra said.

Dustin said he thinks they handled the situation perfectly, even though they never expected someone to break in their window.

"I was just thinking you know thank God I'm prepared for something like this to happen, we're not sitting here defenseless, without training. So I was confident it was going to be alright," Dustin said.

Alexandra said it took them several hours to wind down after the incident and said she is still unsure why the burglar targeted their house since all of the lights were on and several cars were in the driveway.

Bush will appear at the Comanche County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon, where he is expected to be charged with first-degree burglary and resisting a police officer.

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