2nd Street construction behind schedule

2nd Street construction behind schedule
LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- City officials say delays to the construction work on 2nd Street south of Ferris Avenue in downtown Lawton won't be complete until the middle of March next year.
The completion was set to be finished in December but there have been several delays that have slowed construction down. Since April, street crews have been focusing their work on the area between Columbia and Ferris, adding a center turn lane.  Traffic has been narrowed to one lane each direction, and that inconvenience will continue for a few more months than expected.
Lawton construction company T&G has been working on the project for the past 5 months. Workers were given 300 days to complete the project but City Engineer George Hennessee says there have been a few issues that have stopped the project from being completed on time. The first was the large amount of rain we got this Spring.
"We experienced about 29 weather days and engineering staff willing to recommend that those delay days be awarded to the contractor”, said Hennessee.
"We also ran into an underground storage tank that's at the Southwest corner of Ferris and 2nd. It was unanticipated and it did cause us a few days to delay. I believe there where 24 days for the underground storage tank”, said Hennessee.
They are also repairing the water and sewer system. Water lines are not as deep as they should be, so they had to extend the water lines east and west of 2nd Street. 
" We don't want to put a brand new road over an old dilapidated water line that may break, because we would have to start over again”, said Hennessee.
Upon completion there will be a number of beautification elements added to make this project a new gateway into the downtown development.
“It involves new sidewalks, tree plantings, park benches, bicycle rakes, and trash receptacles”, said Henessee.
Drivers need to be careful while crews are working. The speed limit has dropped down to 25 miles per hour.
Once they finish 2nd Street, they will add new turn lanes from Ferris onto 2nd Street , and will improve about a block of Ferris, both east and west off of 2nd Street.

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