Helping children with learning disabilities

Helping children with learning disabilities

BETHANY, OK (KSWO) –With children across the state heading back to school, the special education department at The Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital has some advice for parents who may have children with learning disabilities.

Get to know your child's teacher

Help your child's teacher get to know your son or daughter, including their likes, dislikes, strengths, educational needs, and goals. When getting to know your child's teacher, ask if they use any apps to communicate with parents about student behavioral concerns, performance issues and achievements.

Create a "Get-to-Know-Me" page

This can be a simple paper or book with pictures about your child, indicating their likes, interests, things they don't enjoy, the way they communicate, their sensory needs, and behavioral concerns.

Stay connected and present

As a parent of a child with a learning disability, know your rights and responsibilities. Offer your time and talents, and try to assist in the classroom or on field trips when possible. Join forces with your child's teacher.

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