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Chick Days at Tractor Supply Co.

(Source Tractor Supply Company) (Source Tractor Supply Company)
(Source Tractor Supply Company) (Source Tractor Supply Company)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)— The birds are back in town! Tractor Supply Company, the nation’s largest rural lifestyle retailer, is now offering a Fall Chick Days and it’s coming to Lawton.

Now through Oct. 23, customers will have the opportunity to purchase baby chicks and ducklings .

“The popularity of raising backyard poultry has continued to grow year after year. The quality of the eggs and the convenience that comes along with getting them from your backyard is something that has families really excited,” said Jimmy Griggs, manager of the Lawton Tractor Supply store.

 “Baby chicks require about eight weeks of heat to keep them warm while they grow in their feathers and lose their baby fluff. By purchasing them during the fall, you’re allowing just the right amount of time for your chicks to mature, that way, when the temperature drops they won’t need any supplemental heat to stay warm,” said Lisa Steele, author of the popular backyard chicken website Fresh Eggs Daily and contributor for Tractor Supply’s Know How Central.

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