Fantasy football fundraiser for Salvation Army

Fantasy football fundraiser for Salvation Army

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) – All fantasy football fans are invited to enter a league where they can compete for prize money, all while raising thousands of dollars to help our local community.

This Saturday will be Lawton's first ever "Fantasy Football Championship" draft for a city-wide league. The event has already $6,000 for the Lawton Salvation Army and will likely raise a few thousand dollars more before it's all said and done.

This fantasy football league is exactly like every other league you've ever been in, except it's likely completely different than anything you've ever done. Each team drafts 25 players and is not allowed to make any roster moves throughout the season. There is also $5,000 worth of prizes going to the top three finishers at the end of the season. If that isn't enough to sell you, maybe thinking about far your small, $40 entry fee will go towards helping the community."

The amount of money donated to the Salvation Army from this event is tied to the number of people who participate in the league. Salvation Army Captain Israel Roseno said fundraisers like these are extremely important for the Salvation Army operations, including the boys and girls club, soup kitchen, and the shelter.

"All those services have a cost, all though nothing really comes to us, it goes back to our community," Roseno said. "For those who come to our doors and use those services, the money we will be receiving from this Fantasy Football tournament, we'll be able to continue to provide those services to the Lawton and Duncan community."

Shawn Maudlin is the operations manager of special events for the local Coors distributor, who is the one putting the fundraiser on. He said the event will stand out to people who already play fantasy football, but that's not the only people they want to come out on Saturday.

"We're hoping we get some people that are new to fantasy football," Maudlin said. "This is a really easy format, there are no add drops in this league, so once you draft your team, that's your team through the end of the league."

Whoever finishes first in the league will be taking home $3,500 with second place winning $1,000 and third place winning $500. They want as many people to come join as possible, but the league will be capped at 500 people. Naturally, there aren't enough players in the entire league for 500 teams to have different players, so teams will initially compete in separate divisions of 10 teams, and each division winner will advance to the playoffs. Maudlin said one of the biggest draws of this event is the greater odds players have of winning, compared to other ways they play fantasy football online, where you may be playing against millions of people.

"You may pay a dollar or two dollars or whatever you want, but your odds are really not good at winning," Maudlin said. "What we're doing is creating a contest that's going to give you great odds at walking home with some prize money, it's generating money for a local charity and it's providing something locally for people to get together and talk about some football and have a good time."

Roseno said regardless of if you think you are a fantasy pro or an amateur, you should still come out and have a good time on Saturday.

"Fantasy football is a friendly competition, they get to meet a lot of people in the Lawton area and they know their funds being used in this competition will be used to benefit those that are in not such a privileged condition," Roseno said. "Maybe they are struggling with their finances, or they're struggling with food and security or maybe they're struggling with being homeless."

The draft is Saturday, August 27th at 11 a.m. at Great Plains Coliseum. Registration begins at 9 a.m or you can register online. You must attend the draft in order to participate.

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