Duncan woman speaks out after being sexually assaulted

Duncan woman speaks out after being sexually assaulted

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)—Following her sexual assault in a Duncan park, a woman is speaking out, encouraging others to arm themselves with defense training that could one day save their lives.

Rebecca Farber says her Naval training kicked into high gear Tuesday afternoon when she was approached by a strange man and attacked. She says she employed any and all of her past self-defense training to help fight off her attacker until police could arrive.

Rebecca Farber says the man who attacked her was bigger and much stronger than her. While she may have looked like an easy victim--she surprised him.

"He had every intention of stripping me naked, and doing what he wanted to do with me, and he wasn't able to do that with my training, said Farber.

She says her attacker, Johnny Stowers, looked like a crazed animal, he seemed to have super power strength, and may have been under the influence of drugs. But despite what he dished out, her adrenaline coupled with her training and kept her from being seriously injured.

"I hit him the face, I hit him in the rib, stomach, and the kidney several times. Certain points on the body hurt a lot more than others, with minimal amount of effort and those were the points I worked towards, said Farber.

She doesn't think she was Stowers first victim.

"This wasn't his first time, and it wouldn't have been his last, said Farber.

"He knew how to hold me, he knew how to get a hold off me in such a way that I had minimal movement. He knew were to sit on me and points to hold on me. So that I was not able to have free range of movement, said Farber.

Lawton Police Detective and martial arts instructor Rick McCollister has 40 years of training under his belt. Self-defense is nothing to take for granted. He says danger doesn't discriminate.

"Anyone can be a victim at any given time. We need to nowadays prepare ourselves. To not think when, or if it might happen to us, but when it may happen to us. The more that we can inform ourselves and make ourselves aware of the various types of self-defense the better prepared we will be, said McCollister.

Everyday items such as car keys, a purse, a stick or a rock can be used to defend yourself. But he says the best weapon of defense is taking action.

"Youre either going to flight or fight. Your either to run or fight but the worst thing is that third element is freezing and if you freeze and do nothing, then that's typically when bad things can happen to you. As long as you survive the attack, then you are a winner by all accounts, said McCollister.

Farber says she will not let an incident like this stop her from having lunch in the park with her family again. She says she will keep focused and tell others about her story.

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