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Temple bringing plenty of size to 2016 season

TEMPLE, OK (KSWO) - Over the last five years, the Temple Tigers’ win totals have gradually declined with each year. The team tallied only two wins in 2015, allowing room for improvement. Head Coach Warren Butler recognizes they lost plenty of talent from last year, but sees the young squad he has now is ready to compete like the Tiger teams of old.

“They have some drive to them. They want to play. They want to be here. So when you get that heart involved, you can make things happen,” states Butler. “Even though we had a bit more talent last year, we’re still talented. We’re still pretty good up front. We got to learn how to do. We’re just real young.”

The Tigers plan to stick to a Class C staple when it comes to offense by running the ball right at the opponent. This year’s team has confidence they can do that thanks to their size up front.

“If we can get that umph coming off the line, and get on somebody, and if we can keep our pad level right, we have a chance to drive somebody. We tell them, you give us a three-yard push we will give you a five-yard carry. You give us a five-yard push, we will give you a seven-yard carry. If not, Coach Bentley will kick his backs in the butt,” explains Butler. “Our tailback, Quinsell Tisdale. The kid is special. He’s got the ability to go every time he touches the ball. He’s got good speed, great vision. He’s not real big, but he’s a scat-back type kid that is tough and will run downhill.”

“That’s basically what we love to do is just smash mouth football. That’s what it is here in Southwest Oklahoma. We got a big fullback in Joey. And obviously our offensive line is pretty big,” says Devin Little, senior offensive/defensive lineman.

The fullback in the backfield is Joey Doran. Mylik Brown originally received most fullback reps in spring. When Duran moved back in with the team, that made Coach Butler put Brown at the quarterback spot.

“His development is coming along. It’s just like anything else. Learning a new spot again, there’s a lot more technique than there was in junior high. So his steps got to be right, everything’s got to be right. He’s getting there, it’s just going to take some time,” says Butler.

Senior offensive/defensive lineman Chrys Alexander says, “He’s new, so he’s fresh and looking good. He makes some good reads, and we’re just expecting him to do good things this season.”

Last season, the Tigers defense struggled to say the least, giving up almost 50 points per contest. This year the team is much more physical, which is a noticeable change according Coach Butler.

“You know, the last two years, we’ve had talented kids. Very talented kids. Could play for anybody. Not always big time defensive players. They didn’t come up and hit. This group will come up and hit you. The front five are very physical. We’ll get after you,” states Butler.

Littles says, “We got fast defensive backs. We’re big, strong in the front. And Joey and Mylik, our quarterback and our fullback, are our linebackers and they’re strong too.”

The Tigers return to the field September 2nd when they head to Waurika in Week One.

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