Sherri Coale speaks in Lawton

Sherri Coale speaks in Lawton

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - She's not only known for her gift as a motivational speaker, but she also happens to be the head coach of OU's women's basketball team. Monday, Hall of fame coach Sherri Coale spoke at Lawton's Fellowship of Christian Athletes luncheon.

Coale spoke to about 150 people including coaches, superintendents, Lawton's police chief, Lawton Police Department officers, and community members at Monday's leadership luncheon.

Coale said FCA has meant a lot to her as an athlete, teacher, and now a coach. She said this gives her an opportunity to connect with the Lawton community about things that tie them all together.

"Teamwork is what I do," Coale said. "Teams are our business and I think that communities are teams and I think that everybody has to function in some way, shape or form in that wheelhouse if you will and so the opportunity to share the experiences of building a team and leading a team. I think we probably have a lot in common with all those folks in that room and myself."

Coale also talked about the lessons she's learned about leadership, the importance of educators and continuing your education throughout your life. She said she hopes everyone who attended the luncheon left inspired to lead others in a positive way.

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