American board offers alternative certification for OK's uncertified teachers

American board offers alternative certification for OK's uncertified teachers

OKLAHOMA (KSWO)—Oklahoma schools are in such desperate need of teachers that over 700 emergency certificates have been approved by the State Board of Education since May of this year.

This disservice to students of uncertified and not necessarily qualified teachers leading their classes can be avoided thanks to national non-profit the American Board, which provides an affordable pathway to certify knowledgeable teachers for Oklahoma schools.

Created specifically for career-changers, the American Board understands many full time professionals, busy parents or recent college graduates may not have the funds or time to go back to school. That's why the organization crafted an online and self-paced certification program. This alternative route to certification is an ideal fit for anyone looking to get into the education field on a flexible timeline at nearly one-third the price of a graduate degree.

"Our program is a great fit for professionals who always wanted to teach or want to take what they learned from years in a different career to benefit students in a classroom," said Executive Director Lisa Howell. "Principals appreciate our candidates because they normally have real-life experience in the subjects they teach."

The emergency-level need for teachers paired with various proposals to increase teacher salaries state-wide signals for the perfect time to begin the path to teacher certification. Completers of the American Board's program typically take seven to 10 months to become certified with some candidates achieving certification in as little as two months. Candidates must hold a bachelor's degree or be within six months of completing a bachelor's degree to enroll in the program.

The American Board is a non-profit, non-partisan organization established by the U.S. Department of Education in 2001 and dedicated to building strong communities by preparing, certifying and supporting teachers. Through a flexible and cost-effective certificate program, the American Board has awarded more than 6,000 teacher certifications across 12 states.

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