DHS IT bunker transitions to state data center

DHS IT bunker transitions to state data center

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO) – State Representatives Jason Murphey and Mark Lepak, who currently serve as the Chair and Vice-Chair of the House State Government Operations Committee respectively, are taking note of an important milestone in the effort to unify Oklahoma state government's information technology resources.

In a recently released report, state IT officials have documented the transition of the IT assets from the Department of Human Services (DHS) IT bunker to the state's data center. The DHS IT infrastructure transitioned from 8,222 square feet at the DHS IT bunker down to just 100 square feet of floor space at the state data center.

"This 99 percent reduction of floor space represents a massive savings to the taxpayers, and in so many ways exceeds what we envisioned possible when we approved the unification legislation," said Murphey, R-Guthrie. "In the early days of the unification effort, the primary political opposition to the plan came from the old guard leaders at DHS who sought to be exempted from the reform. More recently, the leadership of DHS changed and the new leaders have embraced the opportunity for cost savings and efficiency. State leaders of generations past had allowed millions of dollars of technology resources to become siloed off within just that one agency."

"This modernization action not only reduces cost but it improves the capabilities and performance of DHS," said Lepak, R-Claremore. "DHS employees benefit from the modernized hardware and expertise of the unified entity. The hardware upgrades mean DHS employees are spending less time waiting on antiquated IT systems and more time carrying out their mission."

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