Velma-Alma ready to rebound after Week 0 defeat

Velma-Alma ready to rebound after Week 0 defeat

VELMA, Okla (KSWO) - Velma-Alma kicked their season off with Hollis in Week Zero. It was also the debut of Jacob Offolter as Comets' head coach. The team fell to the Tigers 26-14, but the Comets feel their problems on Friday night should be a quick fix.

"As far as alignment and technique, We didn't do a very good job. So those are things we're going to try and improve on this week," Offolter said. "But the thing I take away is great attitude, great effort. When kids give you that, then sooner or later you better win or you're not doing a very good job."

"The one thing we have to watch out for is quick (runs) going around the edges. That's what's getting us the most. Up the middle we're fine. Our big line, we're doing alright, but speed has got to be the one thing," said junior defensive tackle Brock Cogswell.

The Comets plans to lean on a power run game going forward in 2016, led by Senior Caleb Crowson.

"That's what we practice day-in and day-out, is ground and pound. We feel like we can do that against anybody around here. If we have one thing to hang our hat on is the power run game," Offolter said.

Velma-Alma will try to get in to the win column in Week One. The Comets will host Comanche on Thursday.

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