Comets, Indians fired up for annual rivalry showdown

Comets, Indians fired up for annual rivalry showdown

STEPHENS COUNTY, Okla (KSWO) - Velma-Alma versus Comanche has always been the perfect way to kick-off high school football in Stephens County.

Despite the 0-1 starts from both programs, they will each tell you, it in no way dissipates the magnitude of match-up. And like any other rivalry game, both teams respect one other. But that doesn't mean they like each other.

"I absolutely can't stand them. I just want to run them over," said Comanche senior Stony Mitchell. "We're all bringing it and we're ready to go."

"Go out there and try to knock somebody's block off is basically what we go for," said Velma-Alma junior Brock Cogswell. "It's a rivalry game so you're going to try and hit each other as hard as you can."

With a new quarterback under center, Comanche will have to move the ball on offense better to have a shot at their first win.

"We're going to have to open some holes for Brandon VanOven to get through," said Comanche coach Brad Spurlock. "We're going to have to be able to give our quarterback a little bit of time. We've got some receivers and tight end. A couple of our receivers are good sized receivers."

Velma-Alma understands how physical and emotional the rivalry game gets, so the Comets will look to limit turnovers as best they can.

"There's going to be some mistakes made, but we have to put those mistakes in our rear view mirror and hope to move on past them. And not dwell on a certain play or penalty. So if we can do that, I think we have a great chance to win," said Velma-Alma coach Jacob Offolter.

Kick-off for the Stephens County showdown is scheduled for 7:30 Thursday night in Velma.

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