Boating season nears an end

Boating season nears an end

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - As Labor Day weekend comes to an end, many boaters will be dropping their anchors until next spring.

Labor Day marks the unofficial end to boating season although some lake goers will still break out the jet skis and tubes for the next few weeks. Though boating season is over for some, that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone will stop hitting the water.

"I don't know, we may go out for the rest of the year if it's warm, but if it's too cold I'm not going out," Courtney Holbrook said.

"We'll still come out here," Craig Holden said. "We'll still come out here a lot until it gets too cold to come out."

Those at the lake today ranged from regular lake goers like Craig Holden, who come out every weekend, to those who only make it out a few times each summer. Regardless, everyone who puts a boat on the water is doing it for the same reason.

"We love getting away and doing things, just getting away from work and just having fun, having a good time," Holden said.

McKena West works at the School House Slough over the summer and said from a business perspective, Labor Day weekend really is the last hurrah of the boating season.

"It usually winds down around this time," West said. "The only people who go out now are like fishermen, who come pretty late into the year."

West said naturally, the change of seasons will significantly change things at the Slough.

"Business will definitely slow down, it will just be the regulars who live around the Slough and Lake Lawtonka that will come here," West said.

Holden said even though the season is approaching its end, he'll continue to enjoy the quality time on the lake with his family.

"The kids come and stay in the camper with us for the weekend, my grandbaby here Brantley, she's here with us too. It's just fun times," Holden said.

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