No day off for Labor Day workers

No day off for Labor Day workers

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -Labor Day honors the country's workforce and the end of summer. However, while most of us enjoy a day off, others must continue to work.

Correctional officers and jailers, police officers and sheriff's patrol, power line repairman, firefighters, and nurses, do not get to celebrate this day in the traditional sense. They are being saluted for their hard work to keep the countries utilities going, it's people safe and it's economy running.

For Officer Julio Alvarez, Labor day is just another day in the books for him. He says it's what you have to do to protect and serve.

"It's what I signed up for, I knew that whenever I started that I would have to work holidays and work shift work”, said Alvarez.

Alvarez has been working with the Duncan police department for 8 and half years. He always knew this career was for him.

"I was in the military for a couple of years before I got out. I was military police and army and wanted to continue serving and helping the public”, said Alvarez.

Alvarez says working on Labor Day is just like any other work day for him. He can count on one hand how many holidays he has actually had off. Working as a police officer is more than a job, it's a duty to be there for the citizens on any day.

"Most everybody works and generally no one takes off. Just because whenever you need somebody to be there, it's one of those things you don't want people to take off work if at all possible”, said Alvarez.

He and most officers in the department were away from their families today but, after spending the day serving the community, they know they can go home.

"It's kind of one of those parts of job that is not so great, but on the other hand you are serving the greater good”, said Alvarez.

Over the past weekend Duncan Police responded to a few disturbances and even cracked down on drivers under the influence.

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