ER doctors, nurses get a free 'Thank you' dinner

ER doctors, nurses get a free 'Thank you' dinner

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - On a day where a lot of people are spending time outdoors, and away from work, the Comanche County Memorial Hospital Emergency Room is open, and employees are working hard.

That's why the Olive Garden brought them a full spread to the ER Monday night. This is the fourth time the restaurant has brought food a group that works through the holiday weekend. But this is the first time they have brought the Italian buffet to the ER.

The staff there say they thought it was a great gesture from the community.

"It's really nice because sometimes you feel like you're not maybe appreciated all the time so it's really nice that people in our community are thinking about us especially on this holiday," said Kristi Bass, RN. "Makes us feel rewarded for the things that we do."

Some of the nurses came by to snack on some breadsticks or make themselves a plate. But because it is an ER, and people need those nurses, they quickly got back to their patients.

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