A Child Who Hopes: Meet Thomas

A Child Who Hopes: Meet Thomas

(KSWO) - Tonight, a future soccer star in the making hopes you can help him reach his goal of finding a family.

Thomas is 12-years-old and loves to play soccer and has big dreams of going pro, just like Oklahoma City Energy Football Club athlete, Jordan Rideout.

Thomas got to spend a day with Rideout at Oklahoma City's Taft Stadium -- practicing his moves, and even learning a few new ones.

"I like soccer because it's nice to have a little bit of teammate action going on," Thomas said.

Thomas says teammates are just like family and that is what he longs for the most.

As the middle child of five siblings, who have either aged or been adopted, Thomas has waited patiently for a family to call his own.

"I hope that it's going to be a family that I can stay with," Thomas said.

Thomas has been in DHS custody for three years and currently lives in a shelter. He says before that, he survived a lot of things that a child should never have to deal with.

"A lot of things happened to me in my life that shouldn't have happened and I think that happens to everyone," Thomas said.

But despite all he's been through, it's easy to see the potential behind all the trauma. And you can tell that with the right direction, this 7th grader can really make something special of himself. All he needs is a chance.

"Whoever's listening to this just do what's right and make a good life," Thomas said.

If you have room in your heart for Thomas, please call 580-250-3700 extension 3719 to learn more about the adoption process.

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