Grandfield, Waurika to meet in non-district showdown

Grandfield, Waurika to meet in non-district showdown

LAWTON, Okla (KSWO) - Both playoff teams a year ago, Waurika and Grandfield registered Week One wins that were expected of them. The Eagles dismantled Temple 56-0. The Bearcats rolled by Snyder 48-0. For an established program like Grandfield, and a rising team like Waurika, Week One blowouts are just what they needed in preparation for their Week Two match-up.

"In the match-ups we had that were competitive with some of their better players, I felt like it showed that we were where we were supposed to be," said Waurika coach Glenn Howard. "I didn't feel like that in the scrimmages. In the scrimmages I felt like we were playing on ability. And I think we have a lot of that. But technically we weren't very good."

"The guys in the new positions, especially our lineman, just knowing the nuances of what angles to take on offense. On defense, the technique and being more disciplined on defense," said Grandfield coach William Dickey.

When the Eagles look at the Bearcats, they see a very offensively sound team, anchored by the skills of quarterback Jermaine White and running back Jerome Whittington.

"They're both really shifty. We've got to make sure when we're on defense not to over pursue, not outrun them and try to get in front of them. Always try to keep them contained," said Waurika senior Logan Bernard.

"We have played opponents before that we could say, if you stop number seven you can stop them. I don't feel like Grandfield is that type of team," Howard said. "I think they're more balanced than that. I really feel like we just have to do what we do."

As for Grandfield, they understand that disciplined football will be a necessity against a diverse Waurika offense. The Eagles continue trying to implement spread concepts, trying to get running back Tucker Mora into the open field.

"Well we all just have to do our jobs and stay at home. They like to run a bunch of screens and reverses. We just all have to do our job. Just prepare like any other team. We're just going to come out here every day and work hard," said Grandfield senior Trenton Palmer.

"Especially with a running back like Tucker, he's pretty shifty. The thing is, you can't look him in his face trying to tackle him. You better try to look at his waistline because that ain't going anywhere," Dickey said. "He is a good running back. But they also have some other pieces too that we have to aware of. Their passing game is really good. And their screen game, they run a lot of screens. So we have to play disciplined football for one thing."

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