Truck transporting turbine topples

Truck transporting turbine topples

Bray, OK(KSWO)-A truck carrying part of a wind turbine toppled on a county road Wednesday afternoon, forcing officials to close the road for the rest of the day.

The accident happened on Goad Road, which is two miles north of State Highway 29, outside the town of Bray, 10 miles east of Marlow.

The Highway Patrol said the driver was trying to maneuver a turn when the truck dropped off the road, and into a ditch.  The truck's load was so heavy, that it toppled the trailer, and lifted the semi off the ground.  However, the weight of the turbine snapped the hitch, which prevented the semi from also rolling over.

The driver was not hurt.

The company that owns the turbine plans to return Thursday to transfer the turbine to another truck, and remove the semi and trailer, but a one-mile section of Goad Road, will remain blocked off until the road is cleared.