Previously scheduled bridge inspections underway

Previously scheduled bridge inspections underway

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO) – The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) has begun its routine bridge inspections along the Cimarron Turnpike. These routine inspections are conducted every two years in accordance with the requirements of the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) and were planned ahead of Saturday's 5.8 magnitude earthquake.  Please be aware that OTA bridge inspection crews and engineers will be out along the Cimarron Turnpike for the next few weeks looking at all the structures thoroughly as part of these inspections.

"We perform these periodic routine bridge inspections on all of our bridges in accordance with the requirements of the NBIS and the beginning of the work on the Cimarron just happened to be scheduled for September," Tim Gatz, Executive Director of the OTA said. "Despite the strongest earthquake in Oklahoma history, all of our bridges passed inspection on Saturday and are safe for travel."

After Saturday's earthquake, OTA maintenance workers and engineers inspected 254 bridges on the Will Rogers, Cimarron, Turner, Kilpatrick, Creek and Cherokee Turnpikes. All of the bridges passed inspection. There was one bridge on the Cimarron Turnpike that received minor damage, mostly cosmetic, but is safe for travel.

The OTA regularly monitors all of its bridges and carefully looks for any type of stress and/or fractures that could warrant a more detailed inspection or compromise the stability of the structure.

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