Walters Golf Tournament raising money for fire department

Walters Golf Tournament raising money for fire department

WALTERS, OK (KSWO) – This Saturday the Walters Fire Department will "tee off" their 43rd golf Tournament Fundraiser. The money raised will help the fire department get new gear.

Last year, they had 36 teams and they hope to surpass that number this year. The money raised will help get new technical rescue and wildland suits for firefighters. 

Fire Chief Monty Powers says fire equipment is very expensive, and for small towns like Walters, it's almost impossible to get the things they need unless the community steps up with donations. He said the suits they have now are worn out and need to be replaced to keep the firefighters safe when they're out trying to save their neighbors' lives and property.

Volunteer Firefighter Tyler Crew has been with the Walters volunteer fire department for 3 months. He says always wanted to give back to the community and be a helping hand to the department because he knows they need the extra help. The old suits they have are thick and damaged from the grass fires. Having these new suits will make his job easier.

"It's just to protect us from getting burnt so we can get close enough to the fire to put it out. If we do get into some kind of trouble, it’s going to keep us from getting burnt seriously”, said Crew.

"We do all we can to keep everyone safe and to put fires out in a timely manner so more people that come out to support us, the better equipment we will have and the better we can do our job”, said Crew.

Fire Chief Monty Powers said they would like to have 21 suits, one for each firefighter in the department. It cost around $700 dollars.

"It's hard on a small town to have the budget that we just don't have. And so with these fundraisers, it is the only way we would be able to get this kind of gear”, said Powers.

The new suits will also help with heat exhaustion and reduce the chances of heat strokes.

"The bunker gear that have is too heavy when the temperature is very hot outside. It's too much of a strain on firefighters, so with this gear it's lightweight and protects them from being hurt”, said Powers.

"it's a whole lot better for us in situations like this”, said Crew.

Any money left over from the fundraiser will go towards truck repairs and getting new fire tank pumps.

If you would like to play in the golf tournament you can register at the Lakeside Golf course. It costs $140 per team. Everyone will receive a prize for participating and there will also be a concession stand.

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