Brother claims siblings were manipulated by mother

Brother claims siblings were manipulated by mother

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- A Duncan man is defending his siblings, and blaming his mother for manipulating his brother and sister into marrying her.

Cody Spann's biological mother Patricia, and sister Misty, were arrested for incest after marrying in March in a Comanche County court. Back in 2008, she married Cody's older brother, but it was annulled two years later.

Cody says his siblings married their mother out of fear. He says while he never had an inappropriate relationship with his mother, she did try.

"She only tried it once and I told her to get lost, I would never be with my biological mom, that is disgusting, I came from that woman," said brother Cody Spann.
Cody Spann can't even bring himself to call the woman he hardly knew his mother. Cody was just a few months old when he and his older siblings were adopted by his paternal grandparents.
"She tried to tell me that my grandmother tricked her into signing the adoption papers, you can't trick someone into signing the papers, she couldn't take care of us, said Spann."
He says once they got older they became curious and they reached out to Patricia, only to have her disappoint them once again.
"We got told we actually had a real mom, so we wanted to know what she was about, the first thing she showed us she was about was trying to get in my brother's pants", said Spann.

Cody says the last few weeks have been a living hell with police and DHS questioning his family's every move. He says social media has been especially hard to stomach.

"I got people on Facebook saying all kinds of comments, telling me my family is incest, we're nasty, we are better off of this earth," said Spann.

He says the only person that should be ridiculed is his mother.

"Did she take advantage of the fact that we found her and actually wanted to be a part of her life, yeah she did. She took big advantage of it, it could have been look we reunited you with your kids, be in your kids' lives. No, she wants to be with one of her kid, that is sick," said Spann.

Through all of this Cody says his brother and sister are innocent and says they were simply victims of a predator. And while police say there is some truth to that statement, they say they also bear some responsibility.

"Based on what I've seen in the investigation I think it is very plausible that the children of Patricia were both manipulated, that being said they were both legal adults at the time of the marriage, so they had a choice whether to pursue this or not and they chose to get married," said Duncan police officer Dustin Smith.

Cody says his sister doesn't belong in jail, and says the only thing his siblings are guilty of is wanting Patricia to be a part of their lives.

"That's all my brother, sister and I ever wanted is for her to be a parent. A parent, someone that had your child and you want to be a part of your child's life not with your child or sexually be with your child," said Spann.