OSBI invests in FARO Focus devices

OSBI invests in FARO Focus devices

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO) - OSBI recently purchased two scanning devices that will serve as amazing tools for crime scene agents in the precise documentation of a crime scene. The FARO Focus is a 3D, 360-degree scanning device that will dramatically improve the quality of scene documentation and provide more realistic imaging in a courtroom setting.

One of the most time-consuming parts of a crime scene investigation is scene documentation. The current workflow of OSBI crime scene agents is to measure crime scenes by hand or with Total Stations, which use a laser to measure distance and slope to identify points of interest. Using the older system called the Total Station, points are determined by the agent and collected individually. A large scene documented with a Total Station will typically have no more than 200-300 documented points. Additionally, the usage of a Total Station takes a significant amount of time to set up, level, and capture all of the deemed necessary points.

The FARO Focus 3D Scanner is the most up-to-date method in crime scene data collection. This revolutionary device documents crime scenes by way of laser scanning and photography and has the capability to collect millions of data points in a matter of minutes. The FARO captures said points, which can later be utilized to display and determine distances between any two points in the finished product. The finished product can be disseminated to the district attorney for use in prosecutions, providing juries the opportunity to view a crime scene in a new way. The FARO scanned scene can be utilized, along with photographs, to expand the jury understanding of what the scene looked like.

The OSBI recently purchased two of these devices and accessories, one for the eastern and one for the western sections of the state. Before using the FARO scanners in the field, OSBI crime scene agents must obtain certification. As of now, six crime scene agents, including the two supervisors, have been through the training and successfully completed the certification process to use the scanners.

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