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Patriotic runner spotted in Lawton

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - In Lawton, a man was spotted by 7NEWS viewers running up Flowermound Road with the American flag. This picture was posted online today, and many people commented on the man's act of patriotism. One person commented, "So very simple and yet powerful beyond words."

Tommy Galloway, a 2-4 F-A battalion S6 on Fort Sill, was that man running with the American flag on his shoulder. He says he ran 9.11 miles in honor of the people who gave their lives trying to save others on this day 15 years ago. He says he uses the time to reflect on their sacrifice.

"I just think would I have that amount of courage to run towards danger, and to run into burning towers to help people out?" said Galloway. "Is that something that I'm capable of doing? I think it's important to remember their legacy, and also that people are still suffering today. The people that have survivors guilt. so it is 15 years later, but the hurt it's still there."

Galloway says he also runs with the flag for other days of reflection like Memorial Day or Veterans Day.

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