Lawton Police Department warns students of social media danger

Lawton Police Department warns students of social media danger

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Officers with the Lawton Police Department visited Central Middle School this morning in hopes of educating students on the dangers of social media.

Sergeant Stephanie Crawford helped spread awareness and talked to students about internet safety and warning them about the risks of putting private information on social media sites such as phone numbers, addresses and locations.Crawford says she hopes students will realize how important this issue is and to think twice about the pictures or information they post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter because they don't know who or how many people can see it.

"At that age, they're still young and impressionable. A lot of times you may run into someone that might be a predator, hacker or scammer and they may tend to believe them, trust them when they shouldn't, so we want to inform them what to look for and how to protect themselves," said Crawford.

Crawford advises that if anyone ever has an experience on the internet or with social media, that makes them feel uncomfortable, they should let a parent, guardian or police know.

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