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Lawton mayor to deliver "State of the City" address

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Lawton Mayor Fred Fitch will give his annual State of the City address at noon Friday at the Country Club.

Mayor Fitch told 7News he plans on covering the five major priorities for this fiscal year.

Those include, public safety, water reuse technologies and conservation efforts, the cities relationship with Ft. Sill, the fiscal health of the general budget, and the cities partnerships in the community.

The Mayor says he also plans to cover past, present, and future capital improvement projects that are underway, or are on the drawing board.

“It's giving an overall viewpoint of the health of our financial situation with the city,” Mayor Fitch said. “The things that are doing to promote a better city. Things that these citizens have voted on, that they wanted to see done, and where we are on those items.”

One of those CIP's he will discuss includes the Public Safety Facility, which Mayor Fitch says will take about 24 months to complete. The Mayor says it is a big project, and he hopes to have a construction start date on it in March 2017.

Mayor Fitch says there are multiple priorities that he feels are very important such as public safety. He also says he will talk about the positive impact Ft. Sill has on the community.

“We want to keep Ft. Sill strong, we want to promote and help bring in new missions in accordance with the commanding general, and our group that goes to Washington D.C every year,” Mayor Fitch said. “And working with our Oklahoma delegation in Washington, so that we can improve and enlarge the capacity of services that are going to be given at Ft. Sill.”

The Mayor says he plans to fit 45 minutes’ worth of information into a 15 minute speech. He said while it may seem like a lot, the attendees will be given a handout that has the speech and information on it. The address is happening at noon Friday, at the Lawton Country Club at 4601 West Gore Boulevard.

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