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Warning for joggers after two women were assaulted in park

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) – A warning for joggers following the assault of two women this weekend in Elmer Thomas Park.

Reports say a woman was running in the park when a man she didn't recognize approached her from behind and pulled down her pants. The woman said she turned around to attack the man but fell down. The suspect then took off and ran up to another woman minutes later. She told police the suspect ran behind her and then grabbed her pants trying to pull them down.  The woman said when he couldn't he ran off, in the direction of Lawton High School.

Linda Barreal says she loves the sun and enjoys coming out to Elmer Thomas Park to get her exercise. She was shocked to hear what had happened to the two women.

"I mean that's ridiculous, I think we are supposed to be safe at a public park, said Barreal.

Julie Ramerez says she will think twice when coming to the park after what happened.

"Well it's very scary. Anyone that comes out here needs to pay attention to their surroundings and just keep their eyes open because it is getting scary out here it really is
, said Ramerez.

Detective Charlie Whittington says being aware of your surroundings is the best way to protect yourself. Keeping one plug out of your ear while listening to music, or keeping pepper spray on your key rings can save your life.

"Run in pairs, if you are going to be running that way you can keep somebody there with you to keep you motivated, while you are running, also there for protection. Safety in numbers, always have your cell phone with you just in case there is an emergency you need to call 911. Let someone know where you are going to be
, said Whittington.

" If people pass you if they come back around be mindful of that. When you are walking to and from your car make sure you have your keys ready to get right in the car
, said Whittington.

Linda Barreal says she says she is always prepared for the worst.

"I keep my keys on me. I keep in mind looking for shadows behind be. I try to stay out of the dark areas even if it is just trees, even if it is dark, I just avoid it as much as possible and go in the middle where people can see me if they can
, said Barreal.

Runners at Elmer Thomas Park left this advice so you can keep yourself protected.

"Be very alert, it
s nice to come out here and listen to music but that can't happen no more so keep your eyes open. Just if you see anything scream, or call 911", said Ramerez.

The suspect is still at large and police are working to too find him.

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