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Veterans' Corner volunteers assisting veterans

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MARLOW, OK (KSWO) — Today, veterans from across Southwest Oklahoma had the opportunity to sign up for, and receive benefits they earned from their service to our country.

The Veterans Corner assisted around 20 veterans today at First Baptist Church in Marlow with medical equipment, claim assistance and financial support. It's a volunteer group that holds events like this across the state, in an effort to help veterans and their spouses.  Over the last 2 and half years, the program has helped over 150 veterans.

Stephen Pelleterino is an Army Veteran who served in the military from 1959-1961. He attended the event to find help with his hearing disabilities.

"It means 100 percent to me that they want to help me do all this paperwork to get disability
, said Pelleterino.

Alford Hollis is the Chairman of Veterans Corner and also a Vietnam Veteran. He says without the program he wouldn't have the benefits he has today. He has been giving back to the community and helping other vets for the past 6 years, he enjoys every minute of it.

"It's rewarding, it helps veterans, somebody helped me. I didn't know there was opportunities there that made a difference in my life. Anytime you can help someone financially  or help them physically, spiritually you are doing them a good justice
, Hollis.

Former Army Veteran and Southwest Region Program Manager for The Oklahoma Department of Veteran Affairs Jodi Opunui loves the fact that her job allows her to give back to vets and their families.

"They really appreciate it, we know that if anytime a veteran uses a veteran service organization to assist them they tend to have better results on what benefits they get on a claim or what percentages they get. They really appreciate it because we know what the VA's are looking for
, said Opunui.

Once they help veterans get the benefits they deserve, it changes their lives for the better.

"We are putting jobs back on the market. We are helping people out build the economy in Oklahoma locally and everything. Just being able to assist someone and see the smile and attitude and to see their life change means a lot
, said Hollis.

There is no set time on when the volunteers will be back in Stephens County. The wait to receive phone calls from veterans who needs help, after they get the have enough people, they set up a location and time for them.

If you would like to make a donation, you can send it here on there website.

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