City live streams council meetings

City live streams council meetings

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) Lawton officials have recently begun live streaming city council meetings on Facebook -- and say they're pleased with the general reception.

Assistant City Manager Jim Russell says the response to the live streaming has been good, with plenty of online followers "attending" each streamed meeting.

The move to digital streaming began last year, when a number of Lawton residents requested that they stream the city council meetings on their website.

Russell says the council turned to Facebook because of its easy-access streaming service -- and because it allows them to reach out to as many Lawtonians as possible.

"When you look at Facebook as a whole, you're looking at a younger audience, a more tech-savvy audience, as well as those that are home-bound and aren't able to get out. This is a good way of getting the community involved in what's going on at the council, provide more transparency through those council discussions instead of letting all those rumors go around you can actually watch it for yourself and see what they have to say," said Lawton Assistant City Manager Jim Russell.

But the council doesn't intend to stay on Facebook forever -- Russell says the council is looking into the software and technology needed to stream directly from the city's website, and will switch over when they are able to.