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Oklahoma licenses no longer accepted for access on military bases

LAWTON FORT SILL, OK (KSWO)-Oklahomans know you need a passport to visit a foreign country, but in just a few days, you may need one to get on Fort Sill.
That's because the state is still not in compliance with a federal law called the REAL-ID Act, which was passed by Congress eleven years ago.

The purpose of the act was to make it harder for terrorists to get fake ID's, so the states were ordered to upgrade their driver's licenses so information like your birth certificate, social security number, digital picture and fingerprint could be embedded with that, and entered into a national database. Oklahoma still hasn't done so, and now the Department of Defense passed a more restrictive rule for military bases worldwide, preventing access for those who don't have those federally-approved ID's.

This act will be a huge change, because in the past, all that was required to get on Fort Sill was to apply for an access pass at the Visitor Center, and they used information off your driver's license to process that application. But, starting October 10th, that won't work if your license is from a non-compliant state, like Oklahoma. The government has approved 15 other types of ID, but for most of us, unless you have a military ID or some other picture ID with all your personal information on it, a passport is the only one available. Those are costly, and sometimes it takes a month or more to get one.

If you want to too get a pass on Fort-Sill for graduation, play golf, or just visit friends or family on post, after October 10 you will now need two forms of identification. Oklahoma is one of the 27 states that are not compliant with the REAL ID Act.  Their most recent extension to do so expires October 10th.  So, after that date, an Oklahoma-issued ID cannot be accepted by itself by any military installation for access. Lieutenant colonel Kurt Nielson says a passport or local tribal ID is an example of what they will accept.

"Photo ID with height, weight, eye color, hair color, and address, in addition to their state issued ID.
A DD214 for those who have separated from the military in conjunction to their non-compliant state ID that could be utilized
, said Nielson.

Nielson says with the dead line fast approaching you and you need to be prepared.

"If they have a year pass or a lesser pass, you need to go ahead and come in and get that renewed and they will utilize that pass to come onto Fort-Sill in the future
, said Neilson.

For most people in Oklahoma they only have their license that allows them access onto Fort-Sill. If you don't provide any other forms that are complaint with the REAL- ID Act you will be turned around at the gate.

"If you have just one form of ID from a non-compliant state that will not be accepted."

the rules also apply to Altus Air Force Base, the McAlester Army Depot, Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, and Vance Air Force Base in Enid.

If you have family out of state that usually comes and visits at Fort-Sill, Nielson says you should get with the persons training unit to get pre-screened and see what forms of Identification you need.

You can find more information about the REAL ID Act, including the list of acceptable ID's that will allow you to get on a military installation on their website.

One more note about the state's failure to comply with REAL ID Act, starting in January 2018, you won't be able to get on an airplane, even for domestic travel, using just your Oklahoma driver's license.  You'll need the passport for that, too.

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