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Yes on SQ 792 support comes from all 77 OK counties

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO)– The Yes on 792 campaign to modernize Oklahoma’s beer and wine laws has supporters in all 77 counties in Oklahoma. News of the milestone came just a week after the Craft Brewers Association of Oklahoma announced its support.

“Oklahomans from the Panhandle to Little Dixie and from Tulsa to Tishomingo realize that it’s time to move Oklahoma forward,” said campaign spokesman Alex Weintz. “Consumers and business owners have been asking for modern beer and wine laws, and they have the chance to help make it a reality.”

Thousands of Oklahomans, from private citizens to business owners, have joined the effort to eliminate Prohibition-era laws holding back the state economy and limiting consumer choice. The growing Yes on 792 coalition includes consumers, grocers, convenience stores, chambers, grape growers and retailers. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to join the campaign at

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