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Domestic Violence victims speak out

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DUNCAN, (KSWO) – October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and a former victim is speaking out, pleading with other victims to leave their abusers.

One victim left her abuser 10 years ago. After being abused for several years she turned to the Duncan Woman's Haven for help. The people there gave her the confidence and courage to see a better life. She's now paying it forward by visiting the women there, hoping her story will inspire them to change.

"He did this to my face, and he did a lot of other thing to me and I was with him for three and half years until I finally woke up and said I had enough."

The former victim of domestic abuse is now making it her mission to help others find the strength that was stolen from them.

 "You just get beat down, it
s very hard. People don't realize that they systematically beat you down and you don't feel worth anything and then you feel like you can't leave."

For her and other victims of abuse, it's something they become all too familiar with--something they sadly accept despite the possible dangers.

"I would still be there probably or I would be dead. He would have killed me because he was on his way."

Another victim who recently decided to leave her abuser is currently getting the help she needs. She said from the outside looking in she had the perfect family, but in reality she was living her worst nightmare. At one point her husband got angry and came up behind her and tried to snap her neck in front of their children.

"I finally got away from him and my kids were standing there watching it. I went to get my phone to call the police and he attacked me while I was calling the police. He got in my face and told me because he didn't leave any marks that he didn't do anything wrong."

Domestic violence is not always physical, it can be emotional, but she never thought it would happen to her.

"It made me feel worthless like whatever he did to me it didn't matter because he was truly convinced at that. You don't treat someone like that if you don't leave marks it
s still not okay"

Woman's Haven Education Director Amie Booth says one of the common domestic violence misconceptions is that it is so easy for a victim to walk away. But she says it's not that easy.

" On average women go back to their abuser 7 to 10 times before they leave for good
, said Booth.

Each year they help between 150 to 200 clients. She says they alleviate their fears when they come in for help by empowering them to get back on their feet.

" We try to make sure they are safe, go over a safety plan with them. If they need a protective order, then we help them get one, if they need assistance with door locks or getting to a shelter then we provide assistance for that as well
, said Booth.

They all the hardest part for victims is taking the first step and asking for help.

"Reach out there is help available, somebody does care and love shouldn't hurt."

There will be a domestic violence education presentation this Sunday, September 24 at the Patterson Avenue Baptist Church in Comanche. The presentation will start before the church service and it is free to the public.

A new study shows Oklahoma ranks fourth in the nation for the number of women killed by men, and that on a typical day, domestic violence hotlines receive about 15 calls every minute.

If you're a victim of domestic violence, or need to talk to someone you can call the Women's Haven Hotline at (580) 252-HELP.

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