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Women attacked with scissors at night club

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - One woman is behind bars after attacking four other women with a pair of scissors outside a Lawton nightclub.
Police arrested Cicely Cratch early Saturday morning after fighting outside of Mona's Old School night club. She is being held in the city jail and faces assault charges.


When the first officer arrived, he saw people fighting in the alley between the backside of the club and the parking lot.  A witness told the officer, 'she's cutting people' and he began pulling the women away from each other, with the help of bystanders and a club employee. 
During the scuffle as Cratch and another woman were exchanging punches, the officer saw a metal object in Cratch's hand, which turned out to be scissors.

After she was handcuffed, officers spoke with four women who said they were attacked.  Three had cuts that needed medical attention, and they were later taken to the hospital. Cratch also had cuts on her hand that needed treatment, and she was also taken in.

One of the victims told police that Cratch had confronted her in the parking lot, saying she was the reason that Cratch had been kicked out of the club. She said they argued, and Cratch punched her in the face.  As they were fighting, the victim's friends were leaving the club, and that's when the brawl escalated to include all of them.

Cratch has not yet been charged, but is being held on a complaint of assault with a dangerous weapon.  According to court records, two of the women who were attacked filed for protective orders against Cratch on September 26.

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