Locals gather to watch first presidential debate

Locals gather to watch first presidential debate

SW OKLAHOMA, (KSWO) - There were a few local watch parties for Monday night's presidential debate.

Hope Sutterfield, chairman of the Stephens County Republicans, wanted to watch the first debate between the presidential candidates with their group. "So it's a good get together. Just to kind of sit back, relax just to watch something like this. It's a good morale booster to be able to... sit down and watch your candidate debate," said Sutterfield.

She says it was interesting to see both of the candidates debate each other for the first time.

Cameron University Political Science Assistant Professor Wendy Whitman Cobb says this debate is the first time for voters to see them literally side by side. She says the hype behind the debate is driven by the candidate's large personalities. "Love them or hate them, you can't help by see them. And so most people by this point really have just decided who they are going to vote for already. So at this point it's really just reinforcing your beliefs or just tuning in for the pure entertainment value of it," said Whitman Cobb.

Over at the Cameron University watch party, Communications freshman Justin Reff says he hasn't paid attention to the campaign over the summer, and is still on the fence between the two. He came to see what they had to say on the issues."It does feed that entertainment side like what is Trump going to do, what crazy thing is he going to bring up? How Hillary is going to respond to that or what is she going to say to throw him off or to throw each other off. But I don't wanna just look at the entertainment side. I want to know what are they actually going to do," said Reff.

Student Government Association President Kelly High says they have a theme this year of getting students registered and informed, and part of that is having those watch parties.

"The message for today is your voice matters," said High. "As long as you learn the issues then you can know how to vote and who to vote for, and why we are voting and your voice does matter."

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