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Duncan family petitioning to save mini pet pig

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)–A family in Duncan is fighting to change a city ordinance that will force them to give up their pet---a teacup pig.

"Snitch", has only been in Misty Henderson's family for only six months, but he's already bonded with Misty's daughter in ways they never imagined.  The problem is, there's an ordinance that bans pigs and other exotic animals within the city limits, unless that land is zoned for agriculture. Misty is appealing to the council and the public to change the law.

She received a notice from Animal Control saying she had to get rid of her pet pig. She went to the city council meeting, and asked if they would consider amending the ordinance to allow swine. Misty said they were sympathetic to her problem, and said they would look into making a change at a future meeting.

Alana says life before Snitch was hard, and she could not imagine life without him.

"I didn't have many friends or people, except for my mom and Katherine and so he is family, and it's like taking another family away from me”, said Siffles

Alana is deaf in one ear and has chronic asthma. She has already trained to Snitch to help her with that. 

"I trained him to go and whenever I start having an attack, he can feel it because pigs are good with that, but he can go and get my inhaler for me and he will bring it to me so I can use it before I start getting really bad”, said Siffles.

Misty says most people get the wrong idea when they think of pigs, but Snitch has been a huge benefit to their family.

"They are so smart, they are meant to be pets, and not meant to be livestock animals. They are easily trainable; they can be house broken very easy. They don't bark, they don't dig, they don't cause a fuss they are just a really good animal”, said Henderson.

The council agreed to allow Henderson to keep Snitch until they formally consider changing the law.  Shes been told that the council will likely put it on the agenda for the first meeting in November.

"I was so grateful that they actually listened to me when I went with them to the city council meeting and they did not blow me off. They took it into consideration and did whatever they needed to do to help me keep him until we find a resolution”, said Henderson.

She' started an informal petition drive to show the council how many people are on her side in this fight.  In three days, she's collected almost 150 signatures.

"All the people that are signing the petition it really means a lot and for everyone who voting for us to keep him, just thank you”, said Siffles.

If you would like to help save Snitch you can sign Alana and Misty's "Allow mini pigs in town" petition.

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