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Cancer survivors participating in annual Spirit Walk

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- The Spirit Walk is a fun and festive celebration event that honors and remembers those affected by cancer.
There was no time limit for the participants so everyone can finish at their own pace.

Jay Payne has been participating in Spirit of Survival for as long as he can remember to show his support. In May of 2014 Payne was diagnosed with prostate cancer and never though it would happen to him.

"I turned it over to the Lord and said Lord it is in your hands and whatever happens I will accept”, said Payne.

Today Payne is cancer free and is grateful to be alive.

"It's one of those things that you can never give up”, said Payne.

Payne doesn't run for himself, and his battle with cancer. He decided to show his support and run for his good friend Dan Tucker, who has been battling liver cancer for several years.Despite having cancer Tucker says he was not going to miss a minute of the Spirit Walk.

"You betcha ya! I talked to my hospice care because I am under the care of hospice and they told me there is nothing out here in this sunshine and music that could hurt me, so here I am”, said Tucker.

Tucker says it means a lot that Payne would run to support him.

"It lets me know that I have the support of people that I don't even know their name or what they look like on my side”, said Tucker.

Many others at the walk were also running for friends and loved ones. Angie Thompson traveled from Tacoma Washington to help take care of her mother, but ran for her daughter, Meka who is battling breast cancer.

"I want her to know that she is not alone in this battle. There are many persons, I am not going to leave it at women, but there are men, women and children that are going through this. The major part of this is through, we are going to get through it”, said Thompson.

To show her support Thompson wore photos of her daughter and her family pinned on her shirt. She said walking in the marathon shows her team work for supporting her.

"I am part of it, I may be far away, but yet I am still close because I am supporting her in this”, said Thompson.

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