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'Mystery of the Mayan Medallion' comes to Sam Noble Museum

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NORMAN, OK (KSWO) — Families will get the chance to become clue-gathering archaeologists and adventurers this fall as the Sam Noble Museum hosts the traveling exhibit, “Mystery of the Mayan Medallion.”

“We’re thrilled to present this hands-on, highly interactive exhibit,” said Morgan Day, spokesperson for the museum. “The ‘Mystery of the Mayan Medallion’ exhibit gives children a chance to put on their detective caps while they explore, problem-solve and discover the secrets of an ancient world.”

The archaeology-themed exhibit will be on display from October 15 through January 8, 2017, in the museum’s Fred E. and Enid Brown Gallery.

In this immersive exhibit, visitors are transported to Palenque, Mexico, where an archaeological team has mysteriously disappeared from a dig site while investigating rumors of a priceless jade medallion. They will follow the clues the team left behind to locate the precious medallion while avoiding the dangers lurking in the ruins.

Exhibit components include archaeology, biology and astro-mathematic field stations, an observatory and a tomb area that yield clues to the medallion’s whereabouts.

In the exhibit, visitors will:

  • Translate glyphs
  • Discover which rainforest animals are poisonous
  • Learn how the Maya recorded dates
  • Take rubbings from a sarcophagus
  • Interpret a “battle” mural

Kids will love the hands-on components of this exhibit, but any museum visitor is likely to learn a great deal from it and possibly ignite a greater curiosity for archaeology and history, said Marc Levine, curator of archaeology at the Sam Noble Museum.

“The exhibit really gets at the ‘how we know what we know’ about the past,” said Levine, who also teaches the course “Maya, Aztec, Inca” at the University of Oklahoma. “It shows people how we use discoveries in the archaeological record — artifacts and buildings, for example — to create knowledge about the past.”

The Arkansas Discovery Network, a group of seven museums and educational centers that focus on creating interactive museum experiences, developed the traveling exhibit in 2006.

“‘Mystery of the Mayan Medallion’ has been popular everywhere it’s been experienced, and we know museum visitors young and old alike will enjoy engaging with the many components of the exhibit,” said Kelley Bass, CEO of the Museum of Discovery, a member of the Arkansas Discovery Network. “It is a fun mix of science, history, and intrigue.”

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