Visit Woodward for some of the best barbeque around

Visit Woodward for some of the best barbeque around

WOODWARD, OK (KSWO)-From a 15-year career in healthcare to making some of the best barbeque in Oklahoma. That's what  one Woodward man did. Some might call it a dive or maybe a hole in the wall but regulars call Chase's BBQ Shack the best barbeque around.

"It's not fancy. This is just as simple as it gets. Simply a drive through.  Pull-up, get really quality good food fast.  It's certainly really high quality.  It's the good stuff.  You're getting it fast, but believe me, it took a long time to cook," said Chase Hauley, owner and operator of Chase's BBQ Shack.

Chase Hauley knows his barbeque. Perfecting his recipe took years. Though, owning a restaurant wasn't his first career.

"I was originally in healthcare for about 15 years.  I was a respiratory therapist.  I always loved barbeque.  Always cooked it for my friends, then kind of spun off to me doing some catering on the side," said Hauley.

But a year and a half ago, he took a leap of faith, fired up the smoker, and opened Chase's.

"I basically left a very secure job and tried to do something we want to do and really enjoy.  It's funny. I say I was a respiratory therapist.  I tell people that I'm still tending smoke, tending the smokers.  I've taken care of smokers for 15 years, now I'm just taking care of a little bit different kind," Hauley teased.

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