Local artists help clean up industrial area by painting mural

Local artists help clean up industrial area by painting mural
LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -An old building in Lawton's industrial area got a makeover in the form of a giant mural, in hopes of helping clean up the entire neighborhood.

The artist, Terry Shaw, owns the building on Wallock and B Avenue.  The mural captures a scene in the 1985 classic movie, "The Breakfast Club", as actor Judd Nelson sits on a railing in the library. He started sketching last week.
Terry and his brother then traced the whole picture, by pencil, on the wall this past Sunday, then spent over 10 hours painting it all on Monday.

Terry Shaw and his brother, Darry have been drawing and painting their whole life. He says the movie The Breakfast Club is one of their family's favorites. Shaw says the goal was to bring that to life in the Lawton community.

"A lot of people grew up with that movie in the 80's and it's kind of iconic and it just brings back memories or something that was good in their life at that time, said Shaw.

Shaw says this would have just been a white wall, like many of the other warehouses around. He says art is something that should be appreciated, respected and shared because it can make the city a beautiful place. He hopes this inspires others as well.
"I think there should be more of it around here really,” said Shaw. “Just makes the town nicer. People come to look at stuff like this. They should do a lot more of it."

Darren Marks, the owner of a building used for crossfit workouts right next to Shaw's mural says he watched Shaw do the whole painting and was amazed.

"I thought, that's pretty cool That's really cool,” said Marks. “It makes the area look a lot better. And I was wondering how they did it so quickly."
Marks says he's inspired and now looking into giving his own building a few touch ups and covering some of the graffiti. He says anything to make more people interested in our community is a good thing.
"I think more of things like this around the area could bring people in, make it more of an attraction,” said Marks. “People want to come and stay, they want to see it, they want to eat here, maybe workout here or whatever it is."
There are a few other murals along with Shaw's within the neighborhood, but Shaw says the feedback on his has been nothing but positive.
"It just beautifies the city,” said Shaw. “It gives a little interest to something that would have just been a white wall there."
Shaw says he is also looking to paint the front of his building to clean it up, but he isn't sure what design or picture he will do just yet.

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