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Man behind bars following police chase in Duncan

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)-Police have released dash cam video from the chase that started in Marlow and ended in Duncan and spanned nearly ten miles. Officers said the chase ended well, but it was no thanks to the reckless driver who put dozens of lives including his own in danger.

Marlow Police Lt. Antonio Aguilera says his work day got a little shaken up after Miguel Pacheco decided to punch the gas instead of complying with his orders.

"I was behind him and I can tell he got a little nervous, he put his seatbelt on”, said Aguilera.

 “He cut through this field here you can see his tire marks”, said Aguilera.

He jumped back in his patrol car following the pickup from close behind.

"He ran several stop signs, he drove off road several times to see if he could lose me”, said Aguilera.

And Aguilera says all while dodging traffic and running from police Pacheco had time to make a phone call.

I was a little excited but that’s it. You don't know why he running or what he has done. He was digging in his seat and actually talking on the cell phone at one point in time of the pursuit”, said Aguilera.

Sergeant Ron Corcorran with the Duncan Police Department says once they took over the chase it was clear that the driver had no intention of stopping--even after spike strips were thrown out.

"When he went through us, he went right by us, he was moving along pretty good and it was pretty scary at that point”, said Corcorran.

That's when the decision was made to get the driver off the road once and for all. The officer ramming the truck off the road and into a tree.

But Pachecho wasn't going to give up, you can see officers here looking in the brush where he took off running---only to be found shortly later. As far as why he ran police still aren't sure.

"Over something stupid, no driver’s license and put all kinds of people’s lives at risk, over no driver’s license which could have gotten him a ticket and gone home”, said Corcorran.


Pacheco remains in jail and has yet to be formally charged. He is facing multiple charges including endangering the public and officers, and running a roadblock.

Police also say the truck that Pacheco was driving did not belong to him, it was registered to a driver who recently sold it.

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