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Dig up the past at Sam Noble Museum’s Archaeology Day

Sam Noble Museum of Natural History (Source KSWO) Sam Noble Museum of Natural History (Source KSWO)

NORMAN, OK (KSWO) – Dig deep into the field of archaeology at Archaeology Day at the Museum, scheduled from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. on October 16 at the Sam Noble Museum.

Archaeology Day at the Museum includes such family-oriented activities as flint-knapping and atlatl demonstrations. Visitors also can learn traditional cordage, excavate in sandboxes, participate in arts and crafts, take archaeologist-led tours and search for Oklahoma relics through archaeo-scavenger hunts in the Hall of the People of Oklahoma.

“Archaeology Day is a celebration of archaeology that stresses hands-on activities and highlights Oklahoma’s fascinating history,” said Marc Levine, curator of archeology at the Sam Noble Museum. “We hope visitors will gain a sense of how fun archaeology can be and also an appreciation for the need to preserve ancient sites and artifacts.”

The event is not only part of the celebration of International Archaeology Day, but also coincides with Oklahoma Archaeology month, a state tradition celebrated every October.

Oklahoma Archaeology month spotlights the archaeology and history of Oklahoma as archaeologists and museums across the state host special events for public audiences in an effort to increase awareness of the diverse archaeological and cultural preservation projects that blanket the state and to promote public involvement in archaeology.

From Ponca City to Lawton, Spiro to Guymon, and many places in between, archaeologists from all sectors — federal, state, tribal, academic and cultural resource management — will share their knowledge and experiences with the communities they serve through fun and interactive events.

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