Family wants answers after armed robbers invaded their home

Family wants answers after armed robbers invaded their home
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A Lawton family wants answers, hoping to find the three armed robbers who stormed into their home on Thursday.

Police say 3 men kicked in the door to their home on the Southwest Park near Southwest 66th street around 10:30 Thursday morning.
The home owner says he was playing video games when the first robber ran in and put a gun to his head. Two other men grabbed him by the neck and pointed another gun in his face. They stole 3 TV's, cell phones and a gaming system.

The owner did not want his name or face shown on camera. He says the stolen items can be replaced but lives can't. He is glad no one was hurt, but having a gun held to head has left him scarred.

"To be honest at first I thought it was a joke. I thought someone was trying to play funny with me. Until, the second guy came in and tried to put his hand around my throat and he actually did put his hands around my throat, he pushed me back, and then the third guy came in with another pistol pointed at my face."

 He quickly realized that it was not a joke, but a nightmare.

The only thing on his mind was his 3-year-old daughter who was in her bedroom. One of suspects followed him to her room with the gun still pointed at his head.

"I sat down beside her, made sure she was okay. She was still sleep, I was just there trying to make sure she stayed sleep during the whole process."

The thieves stole several TV's, cell phones, a play station 4, and even damaged their wall. They drove off in a black Ford Expedition with a Comanche Nation license plate.

"With all honesty I was alright with them taking everything."

After the robbers left he called police then his wife Ci'Lina Deloney who was at work and rushed home.

"My daughter is scared to sleep at night in her own home and that is not right. I know that I am about 80% sure that at least one of you gentleman have a child and you guys should know better than to do that to a child. It's wrong
, said Deloney.

Deloney is worried and stressed that the suspects could return to their home. She wants more effort from the police.

"I just want them to find them. I don't care about the stuff. I just want them to find out who did it. I want to find out who was in my daughters
room with a gun pointed at my husband and three-year-old daughter because it is horrible. No human in their right mind would do that to a child, no body. Anybody like that deserves to be no but behind bars, said Deloney.

The family is getting security cameras installed. They are offering a cash reward for any information.
She says once the suspects are found they will press charges.
Police say there are no leads but they are looking for that Black Ford Expedition with Comanche nation license plates that the robbers took off in.
If you saw anything suspicious on Southwest Park last Thursday morning, contact Lawton Crimestoppers at 355-INFO.

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