Local teachers honored by Walmart

Local teachers honored by Walmart

Lawton, OK(KSWO)-Four Lawton Public School Teachers were recognized Monday night, for their contributions in the classroom.

This is part of Walmart's nationwide search for the top 'Commanders-in-teach'.

The 4 educators from the Lawton Public school system were selected among hundreds of nominations.

During the Lawton School Board's regular meeting, they were surprised with a $590 check from Walmart, and a tub full of supplies.

Walmart says the average teacher spends close to $500 of their own money on classroom supplies each year.

Two of the winners told 7NEWS this will make a huge difference.

"This will help quite a bit to help the learning be a fun environment for the kids," said Nicole Tarpley, 4th-grade teacher at Ridgecrest Elementary.

"We are constantly reusing supplies that get used up every day, like pencils and dry erase markers, so it will really help offset some of the costs of things I've already bought for my classroom," said Erin Berry, Special Education teacher at MacArthur Middle School.

The other Lawton teachers who won were Tiffani Veal, who is a vocational education teacher at Central Middle School, and Kristina Morris, who teaches fifth grade at Ridgecrest Elementary.