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Senator Inhofe visits Altus to help push voters on State Question 777

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ALTUS, OK -Inhofe was in Southwest Oklahoma Wednesday as a part of his push to help pass state question 777 on The Right to Farm bill.

Supporters argue that State Question 777 would allow farmers to defend themselves against unjust laws or laws that would harm the industry, make the state more attractive to farmers, and allow consumers to decide best farming practices through free market competition.

Opponents argue that this would be used to prevent the state and local governments from passing laws to protect small farmers and provide regulations on food and water quality, environmental protections, and animal cruelty. They claim the amendment would give large farms an advantage over small, local farms.

Inhofe says the the idea of this not passing, especially for farmers in small communities, frightens them.

"That scares farmers to death," said Inhofe. "Here we are in an arid part of the state. They would come through and call this a flood plain and just more and more regulation. Endangered species. They can't plow their fields because of that. It's almost as if farmers don't want to have their pristine land and want to take care of their own land, but they do. Bureaucracies don't understand this."

State question 777 will also be on the ballot in the November election.

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