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No. 2 Grandfield, No. 3 Tipton to clash in District C-2 showdown

LAWTON, Okla (KSWO) – “You know, it's going to be more than a game. It's going to be a war.”

Those were the words that came to William Dickey’s mind when describing No. 2 Grandfield’s showdown with No. 3 Tipton. The Bearcats’ head coach is right. Grandfield comes into the game undefeated, averaging 48 points per contest. Tipton sits at 6-1. Since losing their first game to Class B No. 2 Laverne, the Tigers are demolishing teams by 42 points per game. Once again, Class C-2 title implications will be molded by this game.

“You don't want to just come out and say it's for the district championship. But we've already beaten Corn Bible. They've already beat Corn. Corn's already beat Southwest Covenant,” said Tipton coach Travis White. “I don't want to discredit the other teams, but it's kind of looking like this is going to be for the district championship.”

“Coach said our job we need to do this year is not to win state, it's to win district first. If you win district, you have a really good chance of making it to state,” said Tipton sophomore Bryce Waugh.

“I mean, the ones that haven't been here don't know what it's like to play Tipton. There's going to be a lot of people here. So, I'm not nervous. I'm ready to play,” Grandfield junior Jerome Whittington said.

When looking at Grandfield, Tipton recognizes how dynamic the Bearcat offense truly is. But the Tigers understand in order to slow down Grandfield, they must do so quite literally.

“They've got real speed, and we know that. We've had it in the past, and we've got some kids that can run this year. But they're speed, they get out on the edge. They put pressure on you. The Whittington kid, number 15, he can really go vertical down the field, and their quarterback does a really good job getting it to him,” White said. “Any time you get a team that stretches you vertically and stretches you wide, they put a whole lot of pressure on your defense.”

“I think we can match speed with just about anybody,” Dickey said. “Our thing, we’ve got some size, but our size is nowhere compared to theirs.”

It's that size and power attack of Tipton that Grandfield must find a way to counter if they want to stay undefeated.

“They can play a power game with you. They can play a finesse game with you. And the thing is that, as many kids as they got, they can wear us down too with that size. That's why we have to be conditioned mentally,” Dickey said.

“We can power. We can line up in the I-formation and just drive and push and push. If stuff isn't working for us, we can get those hard two or three yards that we need to keep a drive alive, and just keep pushing on people,” said Waugh.

Kick-off is scheduled for 7:00 Friday night in Grandfield.

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