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Guilty verdict in Robert Long murder trial

Robert Long (Source KSWO) Robert Long (Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) – A Lawton jury found Robert Long guilty of felony murder and attempted robbery Friday night for the shooting death of a man during a robbery at a Lawton motel two years ago. 

The sentencing phase of the case began immediately after jurors presented their verdict.

Thursday, jurors heard from the medical examiner and the lead detective on the case. They also heard testimony from the defendant's brother, even though he never actually made an appearance in the courtroom. 

Long’s brother Ron Wrighten was subpoenaed for this trial but failed to appear.  The defense introduced his testimony from the first trial back in January, which ended with a hung jury.  Long's attorney wanted this jury to hear that testimony because Long's brother provided an alibi for him on the day of the killing.

The Chief Medical Examiner walked the jury through the autopsy pictures as the family of Johnny Allen sat in the courtroom, visibly emotional from the images on the screen. He detailed the location of each of the six gunshot wounds and testified that those caused his death.

Lawton Police Department Detective Aaron Molloy took the stand and testified about the process that led them to develop Long as their key suspect.  He said they originally suspected a man named Jackie Duncan and only interviewed Long because they knew he was associated with Duncan, though Long told them he had never met the man.

Molloy said Long gave them permission to search his house to find evidence that Duncan had been there. In Long's room, they found shoes with blood on them and 4 9mm bullets, the same kind recovered from the scene. Molloy said that's when Long became a suspect. An Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation criminalist testified yesterday that the bloody shoes and sweatpants Long was wearing at the time of his arrest tested positive for Allen's blood.

The prosecution rested their case after Molloy's testimony.  The defense then called two Lawton Police officers to the stand, who gave testimony similar to Molloy.

The final testimony came from Long's younger brother Ron Wrighten, who testified in person at the first trial in January. But today, the attorneys simply re-read what he said in January to the jury.  Wrighten said he was with Long all day and that Long had never left the house the night of the crime.  Under cross-examination, Wrighten's story changed several times, with him alternating what time he had done certain tasks, such as go to Walmart for beer, several times. The defense argued in that testimony that a long time had passed since the night of the crime, so naturally, some things would be a little difficult to remember.

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