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Lawton organization empowers blind people

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The White Cane organization was at the Lawton Public Library bringing awareness to the disability of being blind on Friday.

The Lawton Council of the Blind is providing education about services available to those in need. They have a visual service rehab unit, and equipment is handed out and people are taught how to use it. Also offered is information about how to apply for additional services they provide. 

"It was really significant because a couple here and the guy had gone significantly went blind recently he didn't know about any of the services, didn't how to use a cane or anything like that,” said Jody Maples, with the Lawton Council of the Blind. “One of the ladies from the visual services and rehabilitation unit was here she gave him a cane, helped him learn how to walk with a cane and provided him with an application so he can apply for some additional services.”

There are everyday struggles for those with disabilities. But having an organization reach out to help people with disability needs, is empowering to people like Kay Love.

“The White Cane is a symbol to those of us that have difficulty utilizing our environment,” said Love. “And the cane assists us in being more able to communicate in our environment and getting around and being independent.”

This is the first year The Lawton Council of the Blind has had their own local chapter. Previously, people had to travel to Oklahoma City to receive help.

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